Power Tools nine and three characteristics describe the scope of application

A wide variety of power tools, power tool in the world now has grown to nearly more than 500 varieties.

Three characteristics:

1. Structural lightweight, portable and easy to use.

2. Hand tools than can increase labor productivity several times to ten times the number;

3. High efficiency than pneumatic tools, low cost, small vibration and easy to control.

Nine Applications:

1] machinery industry: drilling, tapping, sawing, rust, polishing, polishing, expanding and screws, bolts and nuts are tightened and the like.

2] transformation of farmland, water conservancy construction, tunnel construction, mining in: rock, concrete tamping.

3) railway construction; ballast tamping.

4) agriculture and animal husbandry in: spraying, shearing.

5) tea and Forestry: logging, bucking, pruning.

6) wood processing: sawing, planing, mortising, sanding.

7) medical care; bone saw, bone drilling, demolition of plaster.

8) arts and crafts: carving, carpet scissors.

9) Special Purpose: Cut steel plate, punching holes drilled in a small corner of the workpiece drilling locations, can be adsorbed magnetic ride drill steel parts to be processed in the job, self-climbing function saw tube automatically cut large diameter steel pipe, fixed torque electric wrench can achieve constant tension control bolt, pull the workpiece can be one-sided and so riveting riveting gun.